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AlphaDetail® offers an exciting new online
service that is used by thousands of healthcare
professionals across the nation.
Receive valuable clinical information, share your expert opinions, and enjoy a medically relevant gift or cash honorarium every time you participate in an interactive online AlphaSession!
Healthcare Professionals

When you join AlphaDetail's panel of healthcare professionals, you will receive notifications via email about interactive AlphaSessions relevant to your practice. Each email briefly describes the subject and nature of the session, and displays a link to the interactive presentation.

We realize that your time is valuable and we expect that your participation in each AlphaSession will last about 10 minutes, although some market research surveys may be longer. As a way of thanking you for your feedback, you will receive a medically relevant gift for each Online Detail or Disease State Awareness program, and a cash honorarium for each Online Market Research survey. Your gift or honorarium will arrive approximately 2 to 4 weeks after completing each AlphaSession.

The AlphaDetail solution is intended to meet your information needs. Working with AlphaDetail enables you to:

  • Receive current information about new and existing products

  • Participate in shaping important medical developments

  • Receive cash honoraria and medically relevant gifts for the feedback you provide

  • Decide for yourself which AlphaSessions to complete

  • Participate in AlphaSessions at any time without disrupting your busy schedule

  • Click here to read testimonials from healthcare professionals that have participated in AlphaSessions
More than 180,000 members are registered with our program.

Infectious Disease Specialists
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